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Name: Sunil Dagar

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Phone: +91 9873425961

Description: Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) is a telecom infrastructure company that is leading Indian innovation in design, development and manufacture of telecom gear for GSM and broadband networks. It makes a range of solutions including WorldGSM™ - a sustainable GSM and Broadband infrastructure solution for rural deployments, high bandwidth radio backhaul products and network infrastructure solutions for dense urban & indoor applications. VNL’s portfolio includes privately owned and managed GSM & broadband network solutions for specialized applications such as secure communications for defense and homeland security, communications for remote industrial centers, security and surveillance solutions, and rapidly deployable networks for disaster management scenarios. VNL is a member of Shyam-India’s leading diversified telecommunications group. Its global operations include Asia, Africa and Latin America. VNL was named as Technology Pioneer 2010 by The World Economic Forum. It received GSMA’s 2010 “Green Mobile - Best Green Programme Product or Initiative” Award and was named the third most innovative company - and the most innovative telecoms company – in the world in the Wall Street Journal’s annual Technology Innovation Awards in 2009. Its product range include GSM BSS solution, 4G LTE equipment, P2P & P2MP Radios, IBS, Repeaters and security surveillance system

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