NDOT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Name: Dr. Navaneeth V Ganesh

Email Id: navaneeth.v@ndot.in

Phone: +91 8754696333


They started developing their Mobility products in 2014, focusing on customers across the globe and serving taxi companies. NDOT is a product-based company that develops software to disrupt the Transportation and Logistics sector. Founded in 2008, NDOT was earlier a web development company. Backed by a strong team of techies, they have emerged in the technology field with flying colours. Theirs is a matrixed, enterprise-level firm pursuing the mission to uphold businesses in a technologically advanced economy. They originally entered the technology business with the aspiration to excel as a service-based company, but analysing the fleet market and its requirements, they later transformed their business processes and started developing their own products. Being the niche player in the market, they focus on sectors such as logistics and transportation to equip the industry players with efficient taxi and fleet management systems.

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